AAA Engineering & fabrication specialises in providing exceptional fabrication and engineering solutions to a broad range of clients. Our services range from heavy equipment hire, metal fabrication and mining services.

Custom Design

AAA Engineering & Fabrication can provide and take on custom prototyping projects from a range of industries to help from design to full scale production. These projects have involved design, manufacture and installation of a range of products specifically customised to the client’s needs and requirement.

Metal Fabrication

AAA Engineering and Fabrication specialise in Aluminium, Metal Welding, Mild Steel, High Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel Fabrication and Sheet Metal Fabrication. Our extensive experience and high quality equipment allow us to quickly and accurately complete jobs of varying complexity and difficulty.

Machining and Turning

AAA Engineering Fabrication have the experience and expertise available in shop to undertake machining jobs to a high standard using state of the art equipment for lathe work, milling, drilling and slotting.

Cutting, Rolling, Curving and Folding

AAA Engineering and Fabrication has on-site machines of large capacity to guillotine cut, press brake folding and plate rolling materials up to 3 metres wide. The workshop has the ability to curve and roll materials from sheet metal through to large capacity plate.

Punching, Cutting and Cropping

AAA Engineering and Fabrication offers a material processing service of sheet plate and merchant steel.

Franna Crane Hire

AAA Engineering and Fabrication offers a Franna Crane hire which includes licensed,experienced and insured operators and dogman available for hire, in the local moreton bay region.

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